About Us

Nature photography contest

Magical Hungary is the most exciting and challenging nature photography contest in the country for more than a decade, while it has attracted thousands of nature photographers. The contest spans nine months, during which the photographers compete not only for monthly prizes, but – comparing their annual performance - for the first three places of MH best photographers. Thus, the contest is persistent work, motivation and competition for almost a year. What do we encourage our photographers to? To grab their cameras and visit the forests, trails and mountains full of the known and hidden treasures of our national parks. The contestants are invited to capture the natural beauties of our country and represent the wildlife of our ten national parks through their photographs. One can enter the contest with a variety of topics, ranging from landscapes to photos of animal behaviour and abstract depictions. The contest is also a professional platform for photographers where they can meet and share their experiences with the jury and their peer colleagues. Each year, MH presents the best photos in a beautiful album and a large-scale exhibition in the prestigious museums of the capital. 


Nature conservation

Magical Hungary not only drew the attention to nature conservation but also acts for it. Even with putting back a fallen nest we can generate such actions that can reach the oceans too! Through the voluntary action, "Today a nest, tomorrow the ocean!" MH visits the national parks in the country, where, with the help of volunteering photographers and nature lovers it attempts to restore the balance of local wildlife. While helping the nature the team always has the chance to discover the natural beauties and the life of wilderness with local rangers. 


MH magazine: window to the world of photo and nature

In order to give to change to as much people as possible to see the wonderful nature photos of Magical Hungary and to deliver the news of Hungarian nature conservation, MH created its printed magazine. The periodical deals with such topics that can interest those for whom it is important to know more and do more for the nature that surrounds us.  The articles of the quarterly magazine are written by acknowledged scientists, nature protection professionals and well-known photographers, and it is illustrated almost utterly with the photos of the applicants of the contest. To protect nature, we use carbon-free printing solutions. 

The news-portal, vm-magazin.hu informs the readers daily about the most current events form the world of nature.  



Fajbook is a species-recognition contest, invented by Bence Máté wildlife photographer and Magical Hungary, where not only professional photographers can enter. We encourage the contestants to capture as much species from the colourful world of wildlife as possible and to upload the pictures to their species-collection. For this, we give professional support, so one may become a real biologist during the contest!