Magical Hungary – All about nature!

Magical Hungary – All about nature!

Nature photography

Magical Hungary, the most prestigious nature photography contest and professional platform of the country, aims to encourage photographers to present the natural treasures of our national parks with their pictures, with this, shedding light to the importance of nature conservation too.

The photographers of the contest compete with each other for nine months, they are out in the nature in all seasons of the year, then present the best of their work to the professional jury to get to the top of the photographer’s ranking. With the recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture (responsible for the professional supervision of the national park directorates), Magical Hungary established a prestigious award, The Grand Prix of Hungarian Nature Photo, to recognise that with a year-long hard work and continuously proving his talent, the photographer earned the place of the competition’s best.

From the most beautiful pictures every year Magical Hungary publishes a photo album and presents the material to the public in a large-scale exhibition, in prestigious exhibition venues of the country.


Nature conservation

MH also actively acts in nature conservation. With its voluntary actions, "Today a nest, tomorrow the ocean!" invites the photographer and nature-lover community to visit the country's national parks to complete such duties that can contribute to the balance of the local flora and fauna. While spending a busy day in nature, we wonder around our national parks too.

The biannually published Magical Hungary photography and nature conservation magazine presents the natural values of our country through the works of renowned conservation experts and outstanding nature photographers, while the online news portal, collects and presents the most up-to-date news from the natural world to the public day by day.

Fajbook is a self-developed species-defying competition of MH and the nature photographer, Bence Máté, that encourages the contestants to photograph as many animal species as possible selecting from the rich palette of the animal world, and to upload their images to their species list.

Magical Hungary is already flying its message on the wings of music too! In the songs of MH renowned performers draw attention to the beauties of nature photography and the importance of nature conservation.