Photo contest

Photo contest

Nature Photo Contest of Magical Hungary

Magical Hungary is the most prestigious nature photography contest and professional platform of the country for more than a decade. Its aim is to grant Hungarian photographers a platform to have the chance to professionally develop and to continuously compete.

The contest season lasts for nine month, where from April to December the photographers can complete in various categories. The contest primarily awaits for pictures that presents the natural beauty of our national parks as well as their wildlife. In the sub-categories the contestants have the chance to apply with their pictures taken outside our country or where human also appear.

The jury judges the images every month and MH awards the category winners. The scores of the pictures uploaded for the main categories, the “Nature Photos of Magical Hungary” get into the main raking list, which first place photographer will win the Grand Prix of Hungarian Nature Photo. So the photographer, who gained the most jury scores with his images throughout the year, will bear the title of the grad prix and also will be awarded the Golden Crane statue. The second and third place will also get hold of a statue and all other category winners will get valuable prices at the grand award giving ceremony. From the most outstanding images of the contest, Magical Hungary annually publishes a photo album and organises a large-scale exhibition that is displayed in prominent exhibition venues across the country throughout the year.


Contest Categories in 2022

Main categories:

A. Nature Photos of Magical Hungary

    A.1. Natural Beauties of Magical Hungary

    A.2. Birds of Magical Hungary

    A.3. Other animals of Magical Hungary

    A.4. Magical Hungary from Compact View


B. Man in Nature

C. Pictures from the Great World

D. Nature in Movement (video contest)

E. Our Favourite Colour: The Green of Nature - National Geographic

F. International Days of UNESCO